Draw extra attention to your property with custom railing fabrication

Add custom asthetics to your commercial business with an elaborate iron railing fabrication in Rochester, MN. We build custom railings and designs optimized for your location.

Meet stair railing code requirements

State code requires all railings to have a minimum height of 36 inches with gaps less than 4 inches wide. Older railings that do not meet these requirements or stairs without installed railings should be replaced as soon as possible. Update your storefront, apartment or commercial railing needs with custom iron railings or pipe railings that look great and meet building code guidelines.

We also handle:

  • Wrought iron rails
  • Ornamental rails
  • Balcony railings

  • Stair railings

  • Pipe railings
  • Customized railings
  • Commercial railings

Custom Iron Railing Fabrication - Rochester, MN

Custom metal rail fabrication – Rochester,  MN

Add some flair to your commercial or residential property.

Has your home lost its luster? Bring some life back into your property with a delicate or dramatic railing that meets the Minnesota deck and stair railing code requirements. Our detailed and distinct pieces help improve your home’s exterior appearance and add creativity to any landscape or background.

Have your own design in mind? We will build any custom piece, no matter how big or small of a project.